Teamwork is an action performed by a team toward a common cause or goal. Teamwork is a crucial part of any business.
Learning Objectives
  • Define the term team
  • Define the term teamwork
  • Describe the seven common elements of teams
  • Identify the advantages of teams
  • Describe functional teams
  • List the aspects of winning teams
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 1.5
Team building refers to a varied assortment of actions used in all aspects of life for the purpose of improving a group’s performance.
Learning Objectives
  • Define team building
  • List the purposes of team building
  • Identify the purpose of team building activities designed to build team purpose
  • Identify the purpose of team building activities designed to improve group dynamics
  • List the four common types of team building exercises

Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 0.9
In today’s workplace, employers depend on high performance teams to help them remain competitive. Teamwork has many benefits for employers and employees alike, but developing an efficient team takes time and hard work. 
Learning Objectives
  • Explain how teamwork benefits an employer and employees
  • Define four types of teams
  • Describe the characteristics of a successful team
  • Identify three basic team roles
  • Describe the five stages of team development

    Language: English
    Estimate Time (Hrs.): 1.2
    Teamwork involves a lot of responsibility and cooperation. Team members need to be able to work efficiently and effectively in order to meet the expectations set for and by them. 
    Learning Objectives
    • Describe how to develop a SMART goal
    • Identify the six steps of the problem solving process
    • Define four decision making procedures
    • Explain how to avoid and settle conflict

    Language: English
    Estimate Time (Hrs.): 1.1
    Strong training and development programs benefit employers and employees alike. These programs may vary from company to company, but all function according to a similar set of guidelines and principles.
    Learning Objectives
    • Explain the worth of effective leaders and trainers
    • Identify the steps involved in creating a training program
    • Define different methods of training
    • Describe the importance of training in the manufacturing industry

    Language: English
    Estimate Time (Hrs.): 1