In metal spinning, a metal spinning machine is used to transform metal into conical, hemispherical, or cylindrical shapes. In this module, you’ll learn the basics of metal spinning and become familiar with some key terms. You’ll also find out how the basic metal spinning process works and discover the common components of metal spinning machines.

Learning Objectives
  • Define metal spinning
  • Explain the difference between a spinner and an operator
  • Describe the different types of spinning machines
  • Explain the spinning process
  • Describe the basic components of spinning machines
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 1
In this course, you will learn guidelines for operating metal spinning machines safely. You’ll discover how to dress for safety. You’ll also find out the pre-run safety checks you should conduct prior to operating a spinning machine. Finally, you’ll learn the steps involved in producing parts on both manual and automatic spinning machines.

Learning Objectives
  • List the ways to dress for safety
  • Describe the controls on manual and automatic metal spinning machines
  • Explain the pre-run safety checks
  • Describe how to produce a part on a manual spinning machine
  • Describe how to produce a part on an automatic spinning machine

Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 1.4