Producing quality products costs money. Where the company spends money producing quality products is an indicator of their commitment to the customer and to the long-term sustainability of the company.

Learning Objectives
  • Define the cost of quality
  • Categorize quality activities into one of the four classifications of quality
  • Differentiate between prevention and appraisal costs
  • Explain the difference between internal and external failure costs
  • Describe the Six Sigma quality system
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 0.9

Quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement are essential to the success of a quality program. Organizations that are serious about quality have robust quality management systems to ensure these activities are properly supported and implemented.

Learning Objectives
  • Define the three key elements of quality and explain how they are related
  • Define quality planning
  • Define quality control
  • Define quality improvement
  • Explain the impact of quality improvement on productivity
  • Explain the importance of data collection and analysis to quality
  • Describe quality audit
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 1.1

The heart of any quality system is documentation. Documents tell you how and when to perform tasks, and they also serve as a permanent record that the tasks were completed. In this course, you will learn the purpose and types of documentation used in a quality system.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the levels of documentation in a quality system
  • Describe the purpose of a policy
  • Describe the purpose of a procedure
  • Describe the purpose of a work instruction
  • Define document control
  • Describe a technical manual
  • Identify the benefits of electronic data interchange
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 0.9

Corrective and preventive actions are designed to eliminate the causes of nonconformities. They are a requirement of ISO 9000 and many other quality systems.

Learning Objectives
  • Explain the difference between corrective and preventive action
  • List the steps of the corrective action process
  • Explain the importance of the corrective action report
  • Define the purpose of a Material Review Board
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 0.8