Customers are integral to the success of any business. In this course, you will find out who your customers are, what customer service is, who provides it, and how it affects a business’s bottom line. You will also discover the difference between customer service and customer-focused and what providing quality customer service means.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the difference between internal and external customers
  • Explain the importance of customer service
  • Explain the difference between customer service and customer-focused
  • Describe what it means to provide quality customer service
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 0.8

Your interactions with customers set the tone for your long-term relationships. In this course, you will learn how to greet customers and interact with them in a way that makes them repeat customers.

Learning Objectives
  • Create a positive first impression
  • Describe how to greet customers
  • Explain how to interact courteously and professionally with customers
  • Describe how to make customers feel welcome
  • Explain the importance of being effective and efficient
  • Describe how to end an interaction on a positive note
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 0.9
Whether you are interacting with internal or external customers, effective communication is vital. Effective communication makes it possible to understand your customers’ needs.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the importance of choosing positive words to communicate
  • Define trigger phrases
  • List common communication pitfalls
  • Describe different forms of communication
  • List advantages and disadvantages of different forms of communication
  • Explain the processes for answering telephone calls, putting someone on hold, and transferring calls
  • Describe how to write email messages that produce results
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 2

While some customers may know right away what they would like from a business, others do not know which products or services they are interested in. In this course, you will discover how to ask questions to identify customer needs and what you can do to successfully meet those needs.

Learning Objectives
  • Convey to customers your interest in their wants and needs
  • Identify customer needs 
  • Ask open-ended and closed questions 
  • Meet customer needs
  • Explain ways to improve your listening skills
  • Describe how to make appropriate recommendations

Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 1
Serving your customers in such a way that you build strong relationships with them helps create loyal, repeat customers. In this course, you will learn what you can do on a customer service front to encourage customers to return again and again.
Learning Objectives
  • Describe the importance of strong relationships with customers
  • Build strong relationships with customers
  • Establish rapport with customers
  • Welcome returning customers 
  • Maintain customer relationships
  • Reward repeat customers
  • Build online rapport with customers
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 0.8
Any business that provides customer service or exchanges money with the public is at an increased risk of workplace violence. In this course, you will learn how to identify the warning signs of possible workplace violence. You will also discover the actions you can take to help defuse dangerous situations and keep your workplace safe.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify workplaces at a greater risk of violence
  • Describe what you can do to help prevent workplace violence
  • List common triggers of workplace violence
  • Explain the warning signs of workplace violence
  • Describe how to calmly and effectively defuse dangerous situations 
Language: English
Estimate Time (Hrs.): 0.9